July 2014.

A mom with many hats

As a mom, writer, chauffeur, chef, counsellor, wife and (Well, the list is endless) it can be difficult sometimes to find balance in my everyday life. Between raising happy heathy kids, achieving my personal goals and having a little fun in between, life can get a bit crazy. For example, today I’m writing this blog while watching my two children play on giant inflatable bouncy houses. Yep, I’m listening to joyous screams of about twenty-five three to six year olds all playing around me while I sip my coffee and type away on my keyboard. It’s a bit loud in here to say the least but I’m sure any mom can appreciate the level of multitasking that I’m achieving. A lot of the time my attempts at this don’t run this smoothly but that’s okay. Most days I’m just happy to ‘roll with it’ however the day might play out. Which has kind of been my motto since I became a mom.

Even though my time can be limited and divided between the many ‘hats’ I wear, I can’t be more thankful that my life is so full. As a writer it’s given me the ability to see life from different perspectives, making my stories that much richer. And as a mom I’ve learned to notice and appreciate even the smallest moments.

So, to all the moms out there that dream big… Don’t give up. Most things that are worth doing aren’t very easy.