February 2015.

Raziel Reid

I just finished reading When Everything Feels Like The Movies, By Raziel Reid… And my heart is still raw.

This book won the 2015 Canadian Governor Generals Award in young adult fiction and attracted much attention in doing so. (I can’t help but laugh a little… The main character Jude would have LOVED this!) I read a few heated articles about this book and its award. Some said, that the use of language, discussion of drugs, and graphic sex and violence in this book were too much of an adult topic to be classified as young adult fiction. And, that the book was glorifying these subjects.

After reading it cover to cover, I’d dare to say that that was not the author’s intent at all. I’d say it was more a portrayal of an honest, brutal and totally un-sugar coated reality that some gay youth have to face every day.

It starts off as a tale of a flamboyantly gay teen, living as only he can (in the spot light), in an unaccepting, homophobic society. The main character, Jude, faces many hardships; bulling, assaults, fake friends, checked out parents, and the list goes on. Jude’s life is not an easy one, but he chooses to live it openly no matter what the consequence.

There’s a Betty Davis quote in the book that really stuck with me… Probably burned in to my memory forever.

“It’s better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for someone you’re not.”

This book is not my usual M.O., but I’m glad I expanded my horizons and took the time to read it. If I were asked if I would recommend this book, what would I say?

Have an open mind… Not everything you read has to have a glossy coat of ‘perfect’ on it.

I give this book a 5 out of 5… and 1 yellow blanket.

Katherine (32)

I got talking with a few friends the other night about personality testing. Have any of you ever taken a personality test? And, no… I’m not talking about the ones that come out of trashy magazines. The kind of personality test we got talking about was the Brigg Myers personality test. It gives you a 4-letter formula, out of a possible 16 that describes the preferences and description of your personality type. The In-depth versions of this test can have hundreds of questions long. The one I took was a little more condensed at around 75. I took the test 3 times to see if the results were similar, and they were.

Ha! That probably says something about my personality right there.

Anyway, I got to wondering… Does my personality benefit me as a writer?

Here is what the test came up with…


Extravert(56%)  iNtuitive(75%)  Feeling(75%)  Judging(11%)

  1. You have moderate preference of Extraversion over Introversion (56%)
  2. You have distinct preference of Intuition over Sensing (75%)
  3. You have distinct preference of Feeling over Thinking (75%)
  4. You have slight preference of Judging over Perceiving (11%)

The first line I read off the internet describing my ENFJ personality type…

ENFJ’s are the benevolent ‘pedagogues’ of humanity.

That’s sounds pretty cool! What does it mean? I’ll sum it up for you…

  • ENFJ’s have tremendous charisma, which they often use to express their grand schemes to others. (I wrote a book and it’s going to be big someday! At least that’s what I tell people.)
  • They also use their awesome interpersonal skills and unique approach to salesmanship to get people to believe in their dreams. ENFJ’s are not manipulators though! (I talk about writing, publishing and reading way too much with whomever will listen. Talking about my big dreams as a writer and hearing people’s feedback gives me such a boost.)
  • ENFJ’s know, appreciate and sympathize with people. (I know and love my friend deeply. This trait also helps me write real, believable characters.)
  • ENFJ’s see the big picture and possess tremendous entrepreneurial ability. (I have great faith that my writing will be out there soon, because I have a team of people behind me who believe it too.)

What kind of careers does this personality test suggest for me? Top suggestions… Management, Politics, or Psychology. I’ve often thought I missed my calling as a psychologist. Although my interest in how people think really comes out in my writing.

So there it is… According to the Brigg Myers personality test I am an ENFJ. And I think it really benefits me in my pursuits to becoming a great writer.

Curious to see what your personality type is and what you’re best suited for? Here the website I went to. http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp

Happy testing.