June 2016.

My writer traitsI’m sitting here at my desk thinking … what am I going to work on today? Maybe the sequel to my Harmless series, or a little on the other novel I just started, or a blog maybe. Blog it is! You know –– Ever since I’ve coined myself a ‘writer’ I’ve wondered if it’s changed me in anyway. Or have I always been like this – a ponderer of life, in need of expression. So I’ve decided to make a list what makes me a writer –– and hopefully a good one at that.


Do my writer traits match any of yours? animated guestbook gif



  1. I’m a people watcher! No, I do not stock people, driving around in ones of those creepy, white vans with no windows. Creeping is solely reserved for Facebook. Um yeah … but really … What I mean by ‘people watching’ is I notice things. I notice the moments between friends or total strangers that often go unnoticed. Like the way a person lights up when they see someone or the opposite, they way they deflate. Details from my everyday watching often make it into my books. Don’t worry friends! I’ll change your names in the final draft. 😉
  2. I’m constantly thinking about my characters. What will they do next? If this happened, how would they feel? How would they react? I think about my characters from every possible angle. So much so that they almost jump off the page!
  3. I’m always asking, what’s the back-story? Even if I don’t say it in my story, I always have the cause to every one of my characters reactions.
  4. Coffee and spirits: a writer’s best friend. Don’t go overboard on either, but they can add a little zip to you and your writing when inspiration is lacking.
  5. I have a reading problem. If there’s a group for people who read too much, I’d be a member. Reading in the genre I write in is my favourite (YA) but I stray into others on occasion, broadening my horizons.
  6. Talking ‘shop’ about writing is one of my favorite things. Ask any one of my writer buddies or my friends (who have no interest in writing) how much I annoy them with my chatter about writing. It’s borderline obsessive.
  7. I’m ambitious. I really want to be a published author. And until one of The Greats says, “Hey Katherine, great job!” I will not believe that I have ‘arrived’.
  8. I consider writing to be play and work. I enjoy what I do! Isn’t that the goal in life? Love what you do and you’ll never work a day. It doesn’t feel like that everyday of course, but it’s till a good thing.


So that’s ‘writer me’ in a nutshell. What about you? What makes you a writer?