January 2016, The First Week

Hello fellow readers!

Katherine (30)It’s the first week of January 2016 and I’m doing my best to fall into some semblance of a routine. (Insert dramatic sigh here.) Semblance being the operative word …

The first day of the month started off like the day before it, sleeping in past any normal adult should. Not because I partook in any New Year’s festivities, but because I’m a smart mom who believes in the idea of banking sleep … at least I want to believe. So far, sleeping in is only proving to fuel my night owl tendencies.

Any who, on to what I wanted to say! Getting back into this writing and blogging thing is tough stuff!

For the entirety of 2015, I was blessed to have the company of my husband at home with me, 24/7. Some of you might think that’s not such a blessing, but the two of us get along like ketchup on Kraft Dinner! ☺ I like that analogy ☺

So, it’s been a year of doing all those things we’ve always wanted to do but never had time for. Traveling! Finishing my book! Living all will-nilly like gypsies! BUT now – it’s back to reality. He’s back at a 9-5 and so am I – so to speak. Being a stay-at-home super mom/writer extraordinaire is more between the hours of awake and asleep.

These last few days of settling into a new schedule have been interesting ones. Let me browse you through the highlights.

My computer.

2015-11-02 12.22.54My giant, twenty-seven inch Mac desktop has been my buddy for four years. It’s never given me a problem or reason to doubt it until recently. But now it seems to have decided it would rather be a tanning bed than my word processor.

Now … it’s winter, and I do appreciate the radiant heat coming for my monitor, but it’s probably not good for either of us. So, I unplugged Big Mac and took him to get fixed.

After hours of waiting (not sure why they made me book an appointment – they obviously didn’t understand the meaning of the word), I got to speak to a tech. He ran his tests and everything came back normal. What? Not that I wanted to be told my computer was one micro-process away from going nuclear, but I wanted a better answer than that.

I left Big Mac overnight for a more thorough run through and again got an all clear, good to go, stamp of approval.  One thing the tech mentioned was, when a Mac desktop overheats, nine times out of ten, all you need to do is disconnect it completely from its power source for a while.

What did I learn from all this? What does it have to do with getting back into my routine? I’m getting to it …

The dog.

2014-05-28 11.21.02My sweet-hearted, geriatric dog has a few quirks. One, being his super power to shed profusely, and the other is his refusal to drink water from any dish known to man. I’ve combatted his shedding and distaste for hydration with regular grooming and crafty ways of increasing his fluid intake.

After complaining to the groomer and vet for the millionth time about his drinking habits (that kind of sounded like my dog needs AA.), they ran more tests on him at my request. Which came back perfectly normal! Not that I’d want a different result – just an answer for why he won’t drink water!

So he went in for his grooming, and the groomer asked me if I wanted his glands expressed. Yuck – better her than me to do it. I Googled it … the DIY method recommended wearing a welding apron, full arm-length gloves, and goggles. I might be a super mom but I was not going there.

To my surprise, having my dog’s ‘reset’ button expressed fixed all his quirks! Except for the shedding one. He no longer has the power to hydrate himself by osmosis but I like him better this way.

So what am I getting at talking about life changing routines, computer problems and an often dehydrated dog?

Here it is …

People can tell you till they’re blue in the face what normal is. But until you take a while to disconnect and press that reset button, you’ll never know what your daily version of that is.

Happy New Year, everyone! Never deviate from your own special kind of awesome!


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