The Art of Selling Yourself

So, you’ve written a book and now you want to get it published. Dido! And the more you look in to how to achieve this goal, the more confusing it gets. Yep! Don’t fret! There’s an answer out there, specific to you. And you’ll eventually find it if you stay the course. But… may I offer a bit of advice that seems to be working for me in my quest for publishing? Are you read for it?

Learn how to sell yourself and the rest will come easier. (NO, not in the biblical sense.)

Over this past year I’ve tried my hand at a few interesting hobbies, one of them being, becoming a TV and movie background actor. Through an agent I got on a few shows that were being filmed locally in YYC. I never imagined that so many big name stars came to my city! But… more to the point I want to get at.

Being on set with everyone ranging from an extra to a big star, gave me a whole new appreciation for the industry. Everyone there, no matter what rank they were, was trying, somehow, to sell themselves. To portray to best ,and most interesting side of themselves. Not everyone’s goal was to become that next big movie star, but they were all there to showcase something.

I saw background actors bringing lines from other productions to practice, honing their theoretical skills. I saw shaggy looking guys get transformed by hair and makeup artist in to someone their loved ones wouldn’t even recognize, on the chance to be involved in what is ‘movie magic’. But most of all I saw, and appreciated, the heart and dedication that went in to it all.

I’ve tried hard to emulate my experiences onset in to my writing career. For example, I ‘ve had my website, book cover, photos, and branding professionally done. All these things portray an image to potential agents, publishers, and readers that I’m the real deal. I am committed! Not only will I write one book with dedication and passion, but many! Katherine (32)

How people perceive you to be has huge effect on whether or not you’ll get noticed. Now, I’m not saying go out and spend a bunch of money on promoting a ‘movie star’ image of yourself. What I’m saying is – portray a ‘professional you’ for an audience to see. One that says this is what I do and I’m passionate about it!



Here are a few tips to get you started in the right direction.

  1. See and be seen. Get out there! Got to writer conferences, book signings, trade shows, etc., and look professional while your doing it. I know an author who dresses reminiscent to the genre he writes in whenever he attends an event. Does he look like that every day? No. Does it look professional when he’s at an event? You bet!
  2. Get professional images of yourself and what your trying to promote on social medias. People make decisions about you in seconds. Make a good first impression.
  3. Separate the personal you from the professional you. Professional you doesn’t post cat videos! … Well there may be some exceptions :)
  4. And my last tip… Be consistent. Show your passion for what you do every day and people will notice.



Good luck and Good Writing.



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