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It’s my pleasure to introduce to you a writer and teacher, Kim E. Morgan!

So, Kim, tell us a bit about the writing workshops you lead? I know there are a few different types.

Kim white borderThank you so much for the invitation to talk about my work. I love to talk shop about all things writing.

As an adjunct of North Idaho College, I teach creative nonfiction and plan to offer courses in self-publishing. My teaching and life philosophy is that we are all born storytellers. We move, we breathe, we live. We express ourselves with stories. My foundation for creative writing includes these three practices: the practice of memory, imagination, and compassion.

Soon, I plan to develop online courses for writers aspiring to publish their work, using my website as the platform for these mini-lessons. I also offer free courses through the Community Library Network in my area, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.


These courses include:2015 Large group photo

“Write Now!” – a series of Literary Workshops

Writing by the Lake – Writing from Your Core

Finding Ancestors – Our Ancestors, Our Stories

Writing for Keeps – Creative Nonfiction

Is there a link to where a person could enroll in one of your workshops?

My website is the hub of all information like that, at www.kimemorgan.com. I would recommend those interested, to contact me or join my newsletter for updates on the availability of courses.

You’ve mentioned to me that you have a fiction book coming out soon! Congratulations! Can you give us a short synopsis? Where can readers buy it?

Redemption2June 2216. Fifteen-year-old Marie-Joëlle Peone faces the greatest challenge of her life when she defies the corrupt world of Global Advanced Programs. She doesn’t know that GAP controls her fate in ways she can’t possibly imagine. What Jo does know will test the very fiber of her existence.

Jo Peone can’t remember her life before the visions. She grew up in a world of half-truths, but somehow knows she caused her parent’s separation. Her father calls her a Spiritkeeper, but she doesn’t know what that means.

​She’s angry, defiant and out for revenge in the world of 2216, a world where she doesn’t belong and everything she knows turns out to be a lie.
​But Jo’s life is about to change. Recurring migraines trigger her visions with greater frequency. Her psychic ability readily develops beyond her control, and the visions become otherworldly.

As she exposes her parents’ deception, Jo finds herself drawn into a diabolical conspiracy involving a shadowy group and the atrocities of Jove’s science. Her power increases, but forces her to decide who will live or die. In the end, the final betrayal could shatter Jo irreversibly. The final hour leaves her at the mercy of 2216 science and the elusive Jove.

You can find in on Amazon at https://goo.gl/PI18g8

I see you have one non-fiction book published. What inspired you to switch to fiction?

I teach writers to explore topics they feel inspired to write, as I often do. I’ve tried my hand at poetry and academic writing as well, some of which has been published and won awards. But all my life I’ve longed to write and publish fiction. And here I am! JOVE’S LEGACY is hot off the presses! Dreams do come true.

I’m always curious of how much of an author’s real life makes it into their fiction books. Are any of your characters based on real people?

I suspect all of the characters in JOVE’S LEGACY reflect something or someone in my unconscious mind. My main character, Marie-Joëlle, is the projection of my true self in her quest for redemption. She is my voice in many ways, speaking truths, as I never could.

What have you found surprising about self-publishing a book?http___www.pixteller.com_pdata_t_l-371555

The giant learning curve to self-publishing, marketing, and selling books! My enormous respect for indie writers has increased with each challenge I meet along the way.

How can readers discover more about you and your work?

Website: http://www.kimemorgan.com/

My Blog is my Journal: http://kimemorgan3.blogspot.com/

Friends Facebook: https: http://www.facebook.co/kimemorgan3

Author Facebook: https: http://www.facebook.com/authorkimemorgan/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kimemorgan3

Did you always dream of being a writer? Tell us about some of the other things you’ve done.

Yes, I’ve dreamed of being a writer since I was thirteen years old. But there have been many things I’ve done before I became one. I think my greatest accomplishment so far is motherhood. My two sons make me very proud. I’ve even used our conversations together, from the dinner table, as dialogue in JOVE’S LEGACY. My thirty-two years of marriage to my husband, John, is also outrageously amazing. I never could have done so much without him.John and Kim Morgan

Rounding out the list of my very full life: I’ve worked with incredible people on empowering-charitable projects, worked in finance, and hold a career as a professor at two post-secondary institutions… and somehow have managed to write a book.

Can you tell us about one of your favorite books/authors? What do you like about their work? Does it influence the way you write?

I lean toward the modernist writers, particularly Flannery O’Connor, John Steinbeck, T.S. Eliot, and William Faulkner. Given the wide-range of literature I’ve taught, these and others influence my writing. However, I love commercial fiction. I stumbled on Steve Berry and bought every one of his books. Go figure. At the risk of dating myself, I ravenously read historical fiction, before it was even a genre in the early ’70’s! I thrived on history and Christian scholarship, but give me a steamy romance any day. Outlander, well, that says it all. I’m hooked forever on Jaime and Claire.

Last but not least… give us your favorite quote from your upcoming book!

“Rage is a granite wall we hide behind; crack the stone and light emerges.
––– Jo Peone, JOVE’S LEGACY