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A Group Of Our Own

img_5671I’ve thought about it for years; wanting to start or be part of a writing group and never did it. But the day has finally come! With the help of my good friend, Chris Rothe, we’ve finally put our heads together and coordinated a gathering of like minds. And it’s been AWESOME so far.

Our goal was to create a group that would motivate us to write. Chris and I both write fiction. He’s more into anthologies and quirky literary fiction with his own brand of sarcastic humor. Me, I write YA supernatural realism.

Our only stipulation for this group when it started was that the writing discussed be fiction. We wanted a good assortment of different types of fiction writers, and that totally what we got.  Well almost …

One of our group members doesn’t exactly fit this bill of traditional fiction. HA! If that’s even a category, BUT  has served as an incredible muse. Her work is not quite poetry, but has a lyrical tone. And it’s not quite fiction or non-fiction. I find it work raw and written in a way that makes me go hmmm …


I’d like to share a piece of her work with you. Try to label it’s genre if you want, or not. Just experience it. Perhaps she has created a new genre? Read and see.

Untitled: By Sholley Powell

If ‘pi’ is infinite, and we will never know the true area of a circle, is it possible to ‘float’ out the measurements as we would a hydraulic chamber?
If we can calculate true weight by surrounding the body by water, subtracting volumes etc … couldn’t we just draw a square around the circle, subtract the areas of the four triangles? I know there is still a problem with the curvature of the base of the triangle created by the circle which would still require a ‘pi’ Calculation. Or could it be treated as the meniscus dip created when fluid sticks to the sides of the container (I cannot recall if there a meniscus calculation? Or perhaps measurement just begins at the base of the ‘dip’.)
Another approach could be to draw a line creating a straight base and calculate the two secondary tinier triangles created. However the process still becomes infinite as we will always be dealing with a curved base just getting smaller and more minuscule.

I wonder how many insolvable remnants there are created by infinite figures only solvable because we make them so or force them into solution by ’rounding off’. This means every measurement with a circle or rounded edge is insolvable.

In relationship to human personality types, perhaps we better categorize as shapes in our way of perceptual thinking….
Some of us are finite ruled by structure and equations providing definite answers – black or white – no grey regimented – militant. The squares,the triangles, the solvable.
Some of us are circles, meniscus’, squiggly sound waves. These are the arts, the writers, the artists, the creators. They are the defiant challenging the ‘rule’ literally thinking get “outside of the box”. These are the two-year-old “but why” questioners un-accepting of the ‘because’ answers of the linear square or box thinkers.
Enter the semi-circles or the half cylinders- these are those who take from the squares and the circles and challenge a new unity. Balancing a ruler on a ball- will balance steadily which is great and a small instant gratifying “ah ha” moment…. but if you off balance the focal point you get a teeter totter…. now if you add weight and force you can catapult!
These are the architects, the innovators, the inventors, the visionaries, the humanitarians.
They seek to solve the wonders of the world by cracking the code of existence by the derivative of alternative calculations– beginning the equation where the boxed thinkers end.
They question the why?… with a why not?
Calculating probability, they execute a process.
Failure is only part of the process to extreme success in creation of a NEW rule.