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So yesterday I decided to start a blog… Guest Blog by Sophia Belford

So there I was at ‘work’ – – bored out of my mind – – frustrated as all hell with very little to do and facing a 1 1/2 hour commute back home at the end of the day.  I was hired to coordinate, write and submit proposals but they are few and far between.  The subject matter is less than thrilling and my tasks had been relegated to chasing people down for information and performing the tasks of a glorified secretary.  There has to be something more!

As many people do, I turn to the internet to pass the time.  I read the local news, check Facebook, even browse a few job listings.  Somewhere, at some point, “75+ Paid Writing Opportunites” catches my attention.  I cruise through it and think ‘I can do this’!  I am a writer by accident really – starting out as a secretary because I knew how to type, my job duties evolved until I was managing and writing proposals.  What I had never done, was to write for fun or write about anything meaningful to me – this was my opportunity and maybe I could make a few dollars doing it.  So, as it usually goes, I become totally OCD about the writing process, jobs, what to write, how to write, sites to write on.  I read and I read and I talk and I talk and I start a blog and then I let it sit for four days because that is my pattern — I have so many freaking ideas but none at all and so much information that I am completely and utterly paralyzed and can’t do anything!

My very first blog post?  That is HUGE  – it will ‘set the stage’ for everything going forward and what people look at as my first work at when I am a famous writer.  (Yes, I did just go there.) What could I possibly say that would be so prophetic, so amazing that it would be worthy?  Today, I took advice that was given to me a long time ago and that was to stop thinking.  I just stopped thinking and started writing so while it is not a masterpiece (yet), I did complete a mini-project of sorts.  Baby steps.

So what does one blog about?  I know I am late to this party but be patient with me.  As I do with just about every question I have ever had, I Google it.  The general consensus was to write what I am passionate about.  Therein lays my issue – I didn’t really think I was passionate about anything — that anyone would care about anyway!  So I really gave it some thought…..

My passions include my husband and our marriage — I treasure more than most for various reasons, however I will not write about this.  This is intensely personal and my preference is to keep my thoughts and feelings regarding our relationship private.  My other primary passion is my dogs.  At the moment I have three but each four legged member of our family – past, present and future – has a piece of me that is with them wherever they are.  While the antics of my dogs (and there are many!) are likely of little interest to anyone outside our immediate circle, I have had many experiences because of them that I think will be interesting to the average pet owner.  An extreme introvert by nature, I also enjoy decorating my new home, learning new things (always), the beach, a cocktail now and again and generally being home (if that counts as a passion).  It is from these experiences that much of my writing will be generated.

I hope you enjoy my writing and I love insight and feedback.