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Summer Dreaming- Guest Blog By SK Thomas

There is this allure to summer and all the activities that go along with it. The kids are out of school and more activities start to happen around the house at all hours of the day. Days are longer, so more time is spent outdoors for most, which in turn translates to not getting the same amount of writing done. Then as summer progresses and the temperatures soar, procrastination sets in or a vacation here and there gets in the way of allotted writing time.

So, when you aren’t able to get work done or insistently let the summer spirit bring on procrastination…are you dreaming of writing? After all, Eugene Ionesco stated, a writer never has a vacation. For a writer, life consists of either writing or thinking about writing.

The old adage that being busy does not always mean productivity and this adage is never more apparent than during the summer. I agree it is of major importance to enjoy this time with friends, family and kids during these summer months, when more people are willing to slow down and spend more time playing. But, can you relax or do you dream about writing?


When I’m not able to write for a while, I dream about it. I dream as far as my imagination will take me. I think about the greatest outcomes, my wildest dreams. I dream of all the riches, beyond what I already have.

I recently had an author friend tell me, he has no illusions as far as making a living as a writer. I had to laugh and laugh hard I did. You get what you expect out of life. That statement itself will keep him miles behind most others just because of his attitude.

I completely understood why he said what he did. But my immediate response was, “Oh, I have illusions. That’s what tucks me in at night, snuggles with me while it sings me a lullaby as I drift off to sleep.”

I am realistic and do know the history of most writers, but there’s this childlike quality in me that cannot be quelled knowing and believing that anyone can create or dream up whatever they would like in their life and make it a reality.

I will leave you with this great quote for thought:
All men and women who have achieved great things have been great dreamers. –
Orison Swett Marden

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