Tag: Taking a break.

As much as I ‘d like to lock myself in my office and write fantastical prose to the wee hours every night, it’s not very feasible. Not only will I get nothing else done, but my family and friends will start to wonder if I’ve become some writer-hermit. Sooo, every now and then it’s good for a writer (or anyone) to step away from the keyboard and do something else. And no, I’m not talking about that pile of laundry that’s been haunting you. I’m talking about really stepping away!

As a chronic work-o-holic, I’ve been known to take very few vacations. I like the idea of taking trips, but am not easily convinced to go on them. I’ve always been like that… Now that I think about it, I’m not sure why.

So, this year I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf because hey… nothing good ever comes from your comfort zone, right? I’ve taken a trip to Mexico and Kelowna so far this year, and I have another two and a half weeks planned in trips coming up. When I go on my trips, I leave the work at home. I take a real, honest break from writing and I’ve never been more productive! Who knew!

So next time your feeling burnt, I’d recommend (if you can) take a trip, big or small. Go for hike in a local park or fly somewhere far where your email can’t find you.


Well… back to work for me.