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This blog post was the first post on my first website. The sentiment still holds and so I “begin” this blog on this, my new and improved website with it too. I’m glad you’re here.


The start of anything new is always exciting.  This blog is no different.  And yet, as I consider all that has preceded this first real blog post it strikes me that this is not a beginning at all; it is the continuation of a long and thoughtful process, one that continues to mature and evolve.

The same is true in any business.  The first day we turn the key and flip the sign to welcome customers is our grand opening, but it is not our first day in business. For we have been in the business of opening for months, perhaps even years.

In the past year I have watched two businesses in this process.  Franco’s New York Pizza, which was at the corner of Gekeler Lane and Boise Avenue suddenly disappeared one day.  I was sorry to see it go, another victim of the recession.  Or so I assumed.

A short time later I noticed that they had not closed at all.  They had relocated just a mile or so west on Boise Ave., closer to the Boise State University Campus.  A “coming soon” sign appeared in the window.  I watched with curiosity as little things began to change.  The new permanent signage went in.  Things were happening, but then, they seemed to stall.

I began to speculate about what was happening.  I began to doubt that they were actually going to open their doors.  I was sorry to see that it was not going anywhere, another victim of, well, what I did not know.  Or so I assumed.  But then, finally the key turned, the open sign flipped, and they were back on the scene.  Their patio is often full and the neighborhood appears to have embraced them.

I learned valuable lessons as a curious bystander to Franco’s move.  First, what may look like failure from one corner may actually lead to success when looked at from another.  Secondly, things take longer than expected, and our journey on the road to success is often a halting one.

Shortly after Franco’s vacated their previous location, a new sign went up in the window at the corner of Gekeler Lane and Boise Avenue.  Coming soon was Amir Mediterranean Bakery. This intrigued me.  In short order the little bakery opened its doors.  It is a simple little place, a place that seems to say, “you’ll come here for the food”.  Not long after the bakery opened, the adjacent space, which had been empty for quite a while, began to show signs of life.  Amir’s simply little bakery was expanding to allow for a full restaurant.  There’s something special about that plain little space right next door to a gas station.  There’s obviously something special about those business owner who saw the potential for opportunity and growth in it as well.

This reminds me that business is a journey, a journey that begins in the mind and progresses through many iterations.  Some of those iterations are far from illustrious, but they should always seem to say, “it’s the food that matters most”.  And if we focus on feeding our clients and meeting their needs in a way that keeps them coming back, they will forgive us any sparseness and see, as we do, that our current station and location is not a beginning nor is it an end, but somewhere in the middle.

So, the pressure of beginnings is relieved for this blog.  I am sure that it will go through its own amendments and improvements, but for now I hope that you are nourished by its substance.

Today I turn the key and flip the sign.  Welcome.


Originally published in 2014

Cristen Iris 2015