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Why Do We Really Write? – By Michael Cody

In this new age of writing and self-publishing, many people who only a few years ago, would have few choices in route to publication. now have a cheap and easy method. Indie authors now publish at a rate of maybe hundreds of new titles a month. For whatever reason, it’s pretty hard to meet someone who has an idea for a book, a story they think is new, or just something they want to say! Why?

This was brought home to me just this week. When I first got into writing, I thought it might be a great and interesting way to not only use that creative spirit I seem to have, but maybe even make a little money! Yes I’ll be honest, I AM in it to try and make a little money, maybe even a living at some point! I’m sure I’m not alone in this but it obviously is not the only reason people write. Frankly, writing is not the easiest way to pay the bills. It’s work!
I have seen quotes from famous authors including J.K. Rowling who say they are “driven” to write. I’m not sure I am driven, although I DO like to tell stories and when I am actually working on one, I feel that compunction to see what happens next, To keep going if only to see what these characters of mine are going to get themselves into!
But I think, at least for me, it was all brought home just a day or two ago.
Great suspenseful thriller
ByBob Wigleyon April 14, 2015
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
Mr Cody is a very talented author whose discriptive style helps the reader feel and visualize the scenes with the characters. Well researched and conceivable plot. A few surprises and turns keep you on your toes. Characters are well developed. Looking forward to more of the authors works.


 I got a review for my newest book. A five star review. No, it’s not my first one, but it was a very nice one. The person even went to the trouble of mentioning it directly to me on Facebook! And right then it really dawned on me… THAT’S the best part. Someone else enjoying something I created! Something that did not exist until I sat down and wrote it! Wow, what a great feeling to give someone else a few hours of entertainment…
So what about you? If you write or create, why do you do it?
Till next time… keep writing!