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Writer’s Quest 2015

Did any of you play the game Kings Quest when you were a kid? You know… that archaic game on your first home computer? Where you went around collecting things just so you could move on to getting the next thing. (I’m dating myself… King’s Quest VI came out in 1990.) Anyway, I feel like I’m on a writer’s quest! Maybe I could make that in to a video game… Unfortunately, it isn’t always that fun to play.

How many times, as a writer, have you been asked, “So, have you published your book yet?” Too many to count I bet. That’s because not many people have any idea about what goes in to publishing a book, other than the writing part. That was me not so long ago.

My quest to publishing has been a long road. So far, I’ve been on it almost four years. It started with an idea and a passion. I wanted to write a book! But, had no idea how. So, I took courses on how to write. I researched how to write well. And I read more books than the average person probably should. I was off to a great start.

About mid-way done progress slowed down. I stopped to edit what I’d written. As much as it is our nature to want what we write to be perfect… that was learning curve number one. Don’t edit until your done. Trust me! Your first draft will get edited so many times before it gets published… it will be so polished, you’ll be able to see your face in it!

Nearing the end of finishing my first draft I started to look in to editors, cover designers, and types of publishing. There were so many options it made my head spin… Still does some days. I wrote a blog or two about it and came to the conclusion that going ‘indie’ (self-publishing) was the way for me.

After receiving my ‘indie’ badge of honour, I picked up on a few other things like; how to create an author platform using social medias; the do’s and don’ts of networking; blogging and finding your niche; creating not just a book, but a marketable product, and so much more.

I’m at a point now, that I tow a whole army behind me. I’ve chosen my editor(s) and publisher. I’ve had a few beta readers. Artistic geniuses have created my branding, website, and book cover. I’ve even embarked on a side quest… creating a graphic novel prequel to my YA novel. I’m nearing the end of my writer’s quest! I can almost smell the ink on 400 bound pages!

(Insert dramatic sigh here.)

So next time someone asks you, “So have you published your book yet?” Say, “Nope, my quest isn’t over.” They’ll look at you like you’ve lost your marbles but hey, it could save time in explaining why it’s taking so long. :)


Wishing you all well on your writer’s quests…